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Mizuno MP-15 Steel Irons

Mizuno MP-15 Steel Irons

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Brand: Mizuno
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Mizuno MP-15 Steel Irons

As we all know, the MP line is famous for irons that appeal to highly skilled golfers, and some models in this line have incorporated various modern measures of forgiveness. Meanwhile, the JPX line is aimed at players who seek additional forgiveness on offcenter hits. For the MP-15, Mizuno used grain-flow forged 1025E "Pure Select" mild carbon steel to produce the body of the iron. Next, a Titanium Muscle insert is forged directly inside the 1025E steel framework, which maintains thickness behind impact for solid feel, while allowing weight to be shifted to the perimeter to provide "full cavity" forgiveness.

At address the MP-15 appears every inch like the classic Mizuno MP iron - compact with clean lines, designed to enhance both feel and workability. The results of this process, according to Mizuno, are an extremely solid feel and additional forgiveness because of the placement of more weight on the perimeter. Purists often don't like to talk about forgiveness, but this clean-looking iron is meant to be a combination of classic appearance and modern technology.

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